So I think we’ve decided to edit and re-release the chapters we already have, with better formatting/writing and new artwork.

It’s being worked on, slowly!

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alright Tess have a really shitty doodle of Potterstuck babs
im going 2 bed tho I have class and I’m siiiick

( This is a very cheesy doodle, but… plotting plotting… )

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Chapter Eight: Halloween

The Halloween feast was everything they could have imagined and more. The students mingled about, sitting with their friends in different Houses. Rose joined the Gryffindor table along with Dave and Jade. Gamzee had gone along with Feferi to the Slytherin table; Karkat threw him a glare as he spooned pumpkin pie into his mouth.

“Stop being so angry.” Sollux lisped as he slid in to sit between Karkat and Terezi, punching her playfully on the shoulder. She grinned at him.

“I can’t help it. Why does it he hang out with that prat?” Karkat mumbled, mouth full.

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Chapter Seven: New Enemies

As the leaves started to turn brilliant shades of burnt umber and fiery orange, there was a definite air of excitement among the first years as Halloween approached. John noticed the caretaker conjuring live bats to decorate the Great Hall one evening, Ms. Paint standing stock still on one of the House tables, trying to pounce for one as it fluttered away to roost in the magical ceiling. Even the reclusive Groundskeeper – his name was something like ‘Darkleer’ – kind of a silly name, John thought! There wasn’t anything really dark about the guy. He was just quiet – dragging gigantic pumpkins up to the castle up with his impressive strength, and keeping his eyes averted from the gawking students. He only exchanged a few quiet words with Mr. Hussie before slinking back to the grounds.

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Chapter Six: Flying Lessons

Soon enough, it had become routine for Terezi to check the Common Room notice board. She wanted to be up to date with what was going on around the castle; this was a good way she could suddenly throw random news at the Gryffindors she usually sat with. Today’s news was that at half past three in the afternoon, they’d be having their first flying lesson. Karkat gave a sigh of displeasure into his pumpkin juice.

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Aiden Renegade (Aimless Renegade) - Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor and Head of Gryffindor House.
He’s maybe a little bit touched in the head.

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Winifred Questant (Windswept Questant) - Transfiguration Professor.

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Wanted to do one of those House Unity/anti-House Sterotypes posters I’ve seen floating around Tumblr, but witht he Potterstuck characters. Because I still get people questioning my sorting choices. %D
Nothing is cut and dry.
I did this in five minutes, and it shows …………. u_u

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Chapter Five

Excitement had been bubbling in the pit of Karkats stomach ever since he got the chance to sit and think. When he did get to mull everything over, it was in bed whilst attempting sleep. Gamzee snored soundly and John muttered something about clowns into his cocoon of sheets. 

The young London boy was too awake to dream. That was a shame, because upon ascent to the common room he felt pretty tired. Luckily though, after another half hour of going over everything in his mind, pondering over what was to come, he rolled onto his stomach and slowly began to drift off, hugging his pillow.

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somehow a speedpaint ended up taking me 3 hours.

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